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Don't tell me you're giving up already!

Riku Fans
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welcome to riku fans!
Welcome to rikufans, the first community on livejournal dedicated solely to Riku from Square-Enix's masterpiece: Kingdom Hearts. Please enjoy your stay here, and encourage your friends to join! :)
simple rules

-SPOILER POLICY AS OF APRIL 11, 2006. Please read before posting.

-Please keep things clean. I would appreciate it if members monitored their language when posting.

-Yaoi is allowed, but keep it under lj-cuts. That way, members who dislike that will not have to look at it.

-Feel free to post fanart, fanfictions, and advertise your new KH-site!

-If you're posting art, please make sure it's not TOO graphic. Keep in mind that there are younger people who like Riku.

-Other Kingdom Hearts/Riku communities may advertise ONCE. More than one post will be considered spam.

-PLEASE PUT SPOILERS UNDER LJ-CUTS. Some members may have only just started the game!

-If your post contains a large image, please put it behind an lj-cut.

-This is a community, not a war-zone. Please don't start conflicts!

-When something involving Riku and another character (romantic pairing) is posted, I'd appreciate it if members didn't go all, "NOOOOO. RIKU IS MY HUSBAND. THAT PERSON ISN'T WORTHY." I'd also appreciate it if members didn't bash the pairing into a bloody pulp.

-If posting a fanfiction: should there be any romantic pairings, let us know what they are before the lj-cut! That way, people who aren't fans of that won't have to look. :)


-MOST IMPORTANTLY, have fun! Make friends! Share the love!!! -shot-
mods & affiliates

Creator/Captain/Mod: galaxian/Kuuriku
Magical CoMod: spaceworrier/Peekay

Please contact us if there are any problems in the community that we might have overlooked. While we enjoy watching e-drama unfold we don't like to see it here. We'll be sure to kill drama with our magic/rainbows/love.


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